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Mapping and upcycling Swiss agro- and food waste streams as substrates for fungal biocomposite materials

Project No. 520


About the project

Mycelium based composites grown on waste substrates bring in a huge potential if it comes to creating more sustainable alternatives to conventional plastic packaging. Aim of this project is to optimize material properties while upcycling swiss agricultural and food waste sources. We will analyze suitability and ecological compatibility of the different waste products used as growth substrate and compare behaviour of different fungal strains that are of importance in the production process. Finally, we test and compare the major material parameters of the obtained composites. The results will actively be disseminated and made available to the public, academia and relevant industries.


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Project leader:

Dhanu Huck



A: Student projects


Project duration:

01.04.2021 - 01.08.2022


Universities and highter educations institutions involved:

Université de Neuchâtel

Universität Basel


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