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Psst! Platform for Students towards Sustainability

Projekt No. 557



Within the framework of Psst! Platform for Students towards Sustainability, the prerequisites are to be created for the long-term institutionalisation of financial support for student projects for SD at the Bernese universities (UniBE, BFH, PHBern, IVP NMS) in addition to content-related support. The project funding is to be awarded in several bidding rounds until the end of 2024 and will allow the processes and structures required for project funding to be established and tested across the universities at the same time. This includes, among other things, the formation of a cross-university evaluation panel, whereby value is placed on the diversity of expertise and perspectives of the panel members. The monetary contributions from U Change and the UniBE will flow entirely into project funding. The call for projects should be open to students from all Bernese universities and the projects submitted must make a contribution to strengthening the networking of the Bernese universities (cross-university project team or activities).


Project management:

Clara Diebold


Funding category:

B2: Project promotion through support platforms


Project duration:

01.07.2022 - 31.12.2024


Involved university:

Univesity of Bern



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