Synergies Event

Increasing project impact at universities & beyond

Discovered synergies between student projects and new plans for concrete collaboration:
on September 14, 2016, a vibrant workshop brought together students for discussing their projects' impact.

The event was centered around the question of how to achieve intended impacts of student projects - both at universities and beyond. Student projects representatives and other university members gathered to present projects and to exchange experiences made around implementing their projects.

Both the structured workshop parts focusing on exchanging impact goals, collaboration strategies and supportive factors, and the informal exchanges led to new networks, the discovery of synergies as well as spontaneous collaboration ideas envisaged.

Presented projects

Bike to University
- Cyril Wendel (University of Fribourg)

Student Impact - Nadine Hefti (University of St. Gallen)

oikos St. Gallen and oikos international - Jael Denicola, Anita Negri (University of St.Gallen)

The UniBas student project incubator “Boost” - Catrina Haider (University of Basel)

NEUF – Nachhaltige Entwicklung Universität Fribourg / Développement durable Université de Fribourg - Amélie Pochon (University of Fribourg)

reatch - research and technology in Switzerland - Michaela Egli (Unversity of Zurich)

IGNITE Movement at University of St. Gallen - Jaime Rivera (University St. Gallen)



Organised with the University of Fribourg



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