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Supporting programme 2017-2020

Development of a sustainable business idea with young people (business plan and budgeting for young people in secondary school)

Project No 275

In the context of a workshop, young people from the lower secondary school level spend a week dealing with the topic of "sustainable business management". This pilot project is an early support in entrepreneurship and innovation. Accompanied by theory lessons, company visits and reports from the business world, the pupils develop their own entrepreneurial ideas into concrete business plans. At the end of the workshop, these business plans, developed in small groups, are analysed, evaluated and, if necessary, awarded prizes or discussed with regard to a concrete implementation by a jury consisting of experts from various relevant disciplines. The elements in theory and practice take into account both the economic and the sustainability perspective. The aim of the workshop is to encourage pupils own responsibility, initiative and networked thinking, and to make use of its creativity, innovative strength and motivation - expressed, among other things, by the nationwide environmental demonstrations.

Responsible for the project:
Evelyne Borer

A: Student projects

Duration of the project:
01.12.2019 - 31.08.2020

Involved university:
University of Bern

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