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Plural economics Basel

Project No 268

In order to establish a sustainable economic system, we need long-term solutions to problems such as the permanent exceeding of the limits of the burden. One important way of doing this is to provide the economists of tomorrow with the appropriate knowledge and tools. In today's curriculum of economics, most of the existing economic theories that can provide these tools and knowledge are not taught. As a contribution to the plurality of economic theory, we intend to stimulate discussion and reflection on a range of economic theories in a lecture at the University of Basel. The lecture should be credited with 3 ECTS in the spring semester 2020 for all students in Basel and the surrounding area.

Responsible for the project:
Düzgün Dilsiz

A: Student projects

Duration of the project:
01.12.2019 - 31.07.2020

Involved university:
University of Basel

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